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Where To Buy Ascots: The History of Savile Row

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Where To Buy Ascots

Napoleon was a Savile Row frequent shopper.

The reason why Savile Row is important

Men who like to dress well and consider themselves a guiding light for comfortable fashion have heard of Savile Row.  Style, high-quality clothing, original ideas, and high standards of dress are all elements associated with this important London street that houses some of the top tailors in the world.  

If you're the sort of man who wears an ascot, you'll be entertained by the history and culture that surrounds Savile Row.  The famous street is where to buy ascots.

High-end men's fashion bespoke clothing (custom clothing), and ascot ties are all a part of the Savile Row family of importance.  The street has a long history and an impressive list of important people who have visited the location to choose their clothing.

What made Savile Row famous?

Located in central London, Savile Row was famous before it became a men's fashion hub. The north-south street was once part of the Burlington Estate, built during the 1700's, and was named after the tantalizing Lady Dorothy Savile who was married to the Duke of Burlington.  Before this time, the region was fruit orchards.

Years passed, and Savile Row became known for men's fashion due to the birth of several specialized shops via the industrial revolution.

Who said that the military had no taste in style? The highest ranked officers in the British services later visited Gieves & Hawkes for their tailors.

Years later, the prince of Wales favored Poole & Co, one of the most famous tailors on Savile Row in the 1840's.  Another famous, well-dressed royal would follow in his footsteps: Edward VII.

The prince was probably the one who made Savile Row what it is today.  The smoking jacket, tuxedo, ascot tie, and dinner jacket were all developed or sold by Henry Poole.

It was Hardy Amies, a forward thinking tailor who brought the first fashion show to the street.  Before that time, the Savile Row look had become a bit stodgy and based on the thick, conservative military suits of the day.

Now delicious eateries and tasty restaurants pepper Savile Row, and they are all as high style as the tailors in the area.  Visit the street and marvel at the clothing--every person, I guarantee you, will be a sight to see.

Famous men purchased their ascot ties there

Where To Buy Ascots Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill shouts about his love for his Henry Poole suit.

Important, powerful, well-dressed men have enjoyed the riches that Savile Row tailors bring to a wardrobe.  For hundreds of years, the best of the best have made the street a priority destination.

Yes, Savile Row is in England, but don't let that fool you.  For centuries, the top line of the European royal class has shopped on the street--most notably Napoleon III.  The emperor ordered an obscene amount of clothing from Savile tailors.  

Outside of Napoleon, there is an endless list of the world's best and brightest dropping a generous pound at Savile Row stores.  These names include the likes of the Beatles and Frank Sinatra.  

All of them took advantage of the custom lines that Savile Row tailors had to offer.  If you've seen these famous players in an ascot tie, it was probably purchased on Savile Row.

Are Savile Row designs good enough to die in?  Just ask Horatio Nelson, the decorated British officer who died at the Battle of Trafalgar wearing a uniform that had been custom tailored from Savile Row.  Before that tragic end, Horatio had won many battles during the Napoleonic wars.

Henry Pool Co. was visited regularly by Winston Churchill which was claimed as his favorite shop on the street.  Pool had introduced the famous prime minister to the pin-striped suits that would later become more common among well-dressed politicians. Monarchs and kings around the world still purchase bespoke clothing from Henry Pool Co. 



Where to buy ascots today: modern Savile Row

Keep in mind, it takes a certain means to enjoy the cloth comforts that Savile Row offers. The prices aren't low, but the quality is high, so the customer must be ready to take home the best at a higher cost.  This is why much of the fashion on the street is bespoke.

The cuts and styles of the original tailors live on with today's tailors.  They worked hard to maintain those standards and their heirs keep the torch burning. 

It was a little over 15 years ago that panic spread around Savile Row.  

Many of the aging tailors on the street used techniques so molded by the past they couldn't keep up with new ideas in the context of their traditional ways.  Sharing the past techniques but infusing new ideas had become a challenge.

Also, Savile Row had caught up with itself.  The prestige that the area was known for began to raise the cost of shop space in the area, causing problems for the smaller businesses that were part of the scene.  Something had to be done.

Don't call it a secret society, but it could be considered an exclusive club, modern Savile Row tailors are part of the Savile Row Bespoke Association.  

The organization seeks to defend Savile Row's culture from sartorial mediocrity, and we're thankful they do!  

Making sure the art of creating custom clothing is maintained and noted, the association keeps the traditions and workspaces needed for tailors to prosper intact.

The association has worked wonders for the Savile Row tailor community by supplying marketing resources and ways to protect the integrity of the industry.  

The future is in good hands, so shop now or forever hold your piece. 

Simply put, Savile Row and Croom & Flood is where to buy ascots.


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