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How To Tie A Cravat And Ascot The Right Way

ascot tie cravat


 Procuring an ascot is half the battle.  The second piece to exciting your audience with style is how to tie a cravat and ascot effectively.  Let's explore the four simple steps it takes to wear your ascot tie:


Wrap the ascot tie around your neck with the left end hanging slightly longer--(I'll explain why this is in a second).


Cross the left (longer) end of the ascot tie over the shorter right end, so the two ascot tie ends hug passionately.


Don't let this third step stump you--stay with me.  Now, pull the ascot tie longer right-hand end under and over.  This is why we needed to leave the right end slightly longer in the first step.


Now that beautiful right end is up and over, covering the left end,  the right end of the ascot is now in full view.  Adjust the width and thickness for your ideal look.

    Keep in mind, for a casual look pull the ascot tie tighter--for a more regal, stately look, you can leave the front flap wider and fuller.  That, my friend, is how to tie an ascot.


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