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Our Story


London Or Bust

It all started with Erik's move to London.  After working in a small shop on Oxford Street and a private bank in Mayfair, he saw the impeccable style of dress worn by British men.  Working in and around nearby Savile Row, Erik was inspired by Londoners' comfort in wearing high style with confidence.

The Life Of The Party

After returning to the states and moving to Chicago, Erik enjoyed parties and the warm, practical nature of Midwestern American culture. 
It all began one cold Chicago night when he had remembered a man in the London tube wearing a tie worn close to the neck and under the shirt.  The tie he saw that night was an ascot, one of the most stylish and elegant men's ties that exists.
At the time, he couldn't find an ascot in stores and didn't have time to wait to order one online, so he took an average red tie and wound it up under his shirt.
He was the life of the party and felt the unique pleasure of wearing an ascot.  He stood out in the crowd and vowed to wear the sacred tie at special occasions, ever since.
Erik assembled a team of neckware enthusiasts to curate and find the best ascots available at an enjoyable price.  

A Call To Be Exceptional

Soon after he started Croom & Flood (derived from family names) to help the modern man feel the confidence of wearing something different--something to help gentlemen stand out.  
Croom & Flood ascots are curated and ready for fans to collect and display.
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