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Good Looking Beards: Grooming The Beard Of Your Dreams

black man beard grooming


In the last five years, we've seen the return of the beard as a rite of passage for men young and old.

Beards offer grown men the opportunity to make fashion and, often, religious statements.  Regardless of the reason, it's important to ensure the beard is well-groomed and does not cover your ascot tie.

Keep the forest clean of vermin

Wash your beard as it grows. Keep in mind your beard is only a face away from your hair. I'm sure you wash your hair regularly?

Washing the beard multiple times per week is more important than clipping and trimming it. This can be almost more important than hair grooming when you look at the fact that facial hair can meet with food and saliva and other facial vermin.

Outside of the beard itself, keeping the skin under the beard healthy and clean is important.

Oil the car, oil the beard

Find the beard oil that makes sense and keeps your growth moist and happy. Beard oils are a science in themselves. This also depends on the kinds of hair makes up your good looking beard.

If you have thicker, blacker hair, find oils (Cremo beard oil as a suggestion) that open the pores and use a beard brush more often to prevent ingrown hairs. For lighter hair consider most of the more common beard oils on the market.

Train your beard 

black man beard grooming

Teach your body to grow hair the way you want it. Not only does brushing your beard prevent ingrown hairs, but it also teaches your hair to grow the direction you want.

Yes, if you continue to brush your beard down each day, new hairs will grow down. Outstanding. You can also aid direction with various beard sculpting creams if needed.

Mister Mustache

The mustache is the crown jewel of the beard. That magical area under your philtrum is only a stone's throw from your eyes and the center of your face.
That is why the mustache is one of the most important areas to keep clean and groomed.

Trim it with special scissors every 2 to 5 days to keep it alive and perky. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Your beard is what you eat

A car's speed comes from its engine. A beard's success comes from its body.

The foundation of the beard is not your face. Beard's success comes from eating the right foods. There is some DNA involved, so don't think that eating well will grow hair where it didn't grow before.

Eat lots of leafy greens, nuts, eggs, milk, and healthy meats. These foods are strong in B9, B3, and B5 which aid in building the beard of your dreams.

Let the beard have its way on its own time.

Don't pluck at its powerful strands or tweak its facial coverage in the first 3 to 7 weeks of growth. This beginning phase is when the beard begins to live and grow and shouldn't be tampered with.

A healthy body with a surefire diet will help the hair on your face grow and will reduce the amount of time you have to leave your beard untouched. Like anything for the human body, exercise helps.

Face shape beard shape

Think of your beard as clothing, yet another sartorial expression. There are millions of body types and shapes in the world and that is why we find the clothing that matches and enhances the best of our figures.

The same idea is true for the beard. Beards that are full at the chin give the impression of a long, pointed face.

Beards that are trimmed on the neck will remove that pesky double chin and give the face the shape that the beard holds. Play with shapes and styles as you would with clothing and watch how the beard can be a tool to convey the look you want.

Find the right trimmer

Beard trimmers have become quite a thing as the beard trend has gone up over the years. Like the right hairbrush or moisturizer for the bald head, trimmers are an important part of the beard grooming stash.

Look for durability in your trimmer. Make sure the trimmer is sharp and easy to clean--especially if you're involved in black man beard grooming. Many of the new trimmers even have vacuums that suck the hairs inside to keep the experience nice and clean.

Happy growing.

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