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Attending A Wedding? Here's What To Wear

Ascot Tie For Sale

The Croom & Flooders (our fans) have arrived at our doorstep hungry for an easy way to dress for their upcoming wedding events. 

We're proud to serve such a friendly and fashion forward group of customers. They've chosen to shine by wearing ascots throughout the spring and summer wedding season.

Let's walk through the important rules that every man should follow while planning their outfit for a wedding.  I also want to help you understand how ascot ties can fit into each of these rules.

Be Subtle But Stylish

You're always riding a line between being over dressed or under dressed when planning your outfit for a friend or family wedding.  

A rule of thumb here is not to show off.  There's no need to go overboard--put that white suit away and save it for the James Bond premiere.  

Now, the fact that you've chosen to wear an ascot tie with your outfit says enough in itself.  It says that you are confident about standing out and doing something different and classic with your wedding attire.  You don't need to go crazy with the rest of your clothing at the wedding--let the tie do the talking.

For instance, a good outfit for a wedding visitor could be a more conservative black, charcoal, or taupe suit with an ascot that pops.  I'm thinking of something like our Pinkerton tie to really make your clothing stand out for the event.

Let one piece of your attire stand out... Not the entire outfit.

It's OK To Match Your Date's Style

Are you going with a date?  Maybe with your partner or significant other?  

Feel free to coordinate--to compliment each other's style.  I assume you like each other if you're attending a wedding together--so show it in your style of dress.

Think genres or periods.  Think about the era that inspires your outfit, and make sure both of you are in that piece of history--together.  

There was a time when more men wore ascots because they were brave and stylish enough to do so--if your partner is a classy woman--have her think about an outfit that compliments your ascot style.

There's no need for your partner to look like they come from venus and you come from mars.

Wear The Right Material 

It touches your skin every day and in every way.  If you're wearing clothes daily, and I imagine you are, you have a close and intimate relationship with the one thing that is always with you: material--by way of clothes.

What season is the wedding?  Most are in the spring and summer.  Think about quality materials and fabrics that will keep you cool but can absorb alcohol spills with little trouble. 

Everything we offer at Croom & Flood is primarily silk, so it feels good against your skin and won't make your neck sweat like synthetic fabrics can. 

Apply this thinking to your outfit and think cotton or other fabrics that help your skin breathe.


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