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Best Dressed Men in History: Volume 1


Let's raise our glass to those men who are compelled to stand out, make a statement, and receive accolades for the style as a side note. These men changed history as well as how you and I dress now.

We will explore these men over a series of posts dedicated to some of the best-dressed men in the history of the western world.

We will also include some men in the eastern world, even though our staff is not as knowledgeable. That being said, there are well-dressed men in every corner of the world, and we will do our best to celebrate the ones we know of the best we can.

Quin Shi Huang:

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Quin became the first King of Qin when he was only 13, and it was not until his later years that the clothes of a king would enter his wardrobe. That all began when he turned 38 and managed to unify China.

The clothes of the king followed later as he sported the imperial robes of a true leader. Quin also had some of the best silks at his disposal at a time when the pattern of your dress showed your rank.

How would you dress to unify the entirety of China and expand the Great Wall? Look no farther than Quin Shi Huang.

Louis the XIV

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When a young Louis entered the throne, Spain was the fashion ruler of the world. Spain had conquered fashion by leaning on conservative black clothing that was as stiff as the gold they were sailing in from the New World.

At the time, black dye was the most expensive, so the upper-crust Spaniards wore in spades.

It took Louis's broader thinking to create the equivalent of the American "New Deal" of fashion. French fashion was hurting and citizens wore uninspired clothes. Louis invested in clothing, textiles, and jewelry businesses that also created a vibrant economy based on looking good. It also, by the way, created new jobs.

Versailles at the time was an old hunting lodge that was downright ugly. He transformed it into a centerpiece for this new haute couture revolution.

King Edward VIII:

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Although not a cad, King Edward dressed liked one. His fussy nature about clothing aimed to send his employees to New York for his trousers and to nearby Savile Row for jackets. You know that tie that you wear for weddings and funerals?

Thank King Edward for wearing the regimental tie first in 1919. This changed the ties we wear today. He had a loud clothing style that beckoned changed... Even if that meant being king for less than a year.

Pius V, Vicar of Christ

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Who said members of the Vatican couldn't express their fashion muscle? Pius added a personal twist to his capes that let in personal fashion in a time of conformity.

He added edged fur to his capes for comfort and for look. His beard and edged capes eventually became an inspiration for Santa Claus outfits and images. We salute a man in a traditional position who pushes the boundaries of fashion within his organization.


John F Kennedy

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Out with the top hat and in with the hair. John F Kennedy changed the way a present looks and feels. He wore suits with two buttons instead of 3 and that was a big deal at the time. His suits sat closer to his physique, showing confidence in his fitness.

Kennedy used a London tailor for his suits, an idea sparked from time abroad with his father who was a U.S. Ambassador. Even though he wore a back brace, Kennedy took an uncomfortable situation and wrapped young fashion around it to look good and impress the ladies and a nation.


Prince Philip

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How will you dress when you are 95 years young? Will you still be on GQ's top 50 list? I hope so, and we want to help you. A good place to start is by admiring Prince Philip and his 95 years of style.

Many of his suits are decades old and he updates them to be fixed for holes as well as for the current decade. Philip travels and collects fabrics from all over the world that are formed into wardrobe pieces. Notice his slim figure over the years, as if he is a model for the 95 set.

Haile Selassie

Is it the clothes or the man that make them fashionable? We believe anything worn right will look good given the right swagger.

Haile Selassie always exuded confidence, and rightly so... He is only one of the most important leaders in the entirety of African history. He also figured out how to dress the part as well. Now we're pleased to have great photos of the man in

He also figured out how to dress the part as well. Now we're pleased to have great photos of the man in formal dress and casual suits and ties that never accept comfort as a reason for bad clothing.

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