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7 Tips For Your First Trip To The Tailor

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From buying clothes to wearing clothes there is a step in between that is critical to sartorial success for the man who wants it.  That step is known as the tailor who is that super person of clothing success and often forgotten part of a man's clothing equation who can provide those same day alterations if the relationship is right. 
Let's explore seven essential tips to making your first or millionth trip to the tailor a good one:

1. Test Before Exit

Most tailors are excellent at their jobs, but all of our needle-carrying friends are just as human as we are.  We hope you were clear about what you wanted, so make sure and throw on the newly tailored clothing before you leave the establishment on pick-up day.
Don't be shy with the tailor, as they will, more often than not, fix anything at no cost that needs to be reworked. 

2. Create The Environment

Thinking of having your suit tailored while wearing those shorts and tennis shoes? Think again. Help your tailor by wearing something close to what you'll wear with your suit.
Wear the dress shoes and even a shirt that you may sport with the suit to ensure measurements are accurate, as they make each precise mark for edits. 

3. Spend Away... In A Good Way

Evaluate the cost of the service with a critical eye. Prices vary, but a rule of thumb is: if you go cheap quality will suffer.
Work on a jacket could be in the realm of $60 while a minor hem could be around $12. Prices less than this could be dangerous and not the service that you are looking for. 

4. God Is Not A Tailor

Tailors have been known to work miracles but not resurrect the dead. If a tailor tells you that they can make the dead live again,  run as quickly as possible.
Taking a pair of great pants that are two sizes too small for you and making them fit seldom happens, so lose some weight and don't expect the tailor to work that level of magic. 

5. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Hems

Be precise and show your tailor that you mean business. They'll appreciate this. Like your hairstylist, the tailor loves to work from your inspiration.
If this means showing them pictures on your phone or a quick Polaroid--do it. The bottom line is that you want clothing that will look fantastic and bring extra information to your tailor will help you get there. 

6.Tailor Matchmaker

Where to find a tailor?  Ask your friend who wears suits every day. You may even look online, but a referral is a better-trusted resource. Whatever you do, avoid dry cleaners who say they can tailor your precious clothing. 

7. Make A Lasting Impression

When it's all said and done, where do you go from here? We know you've tried on the recent edits to your attire and you already own ascots for sale.
Now make sure that your future engagements are front and center with your new tailor.
Good tips range from $10 to $12 for smaller alterations and go up from there. If you give them a box of chocolates... Make sure they are the good kind.

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