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5 Pillars Of Dressing Well For Men

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A lot of men think that it's not manly to dress well. Dressing well is something that men are often not taught to do. And it's a shame.

There needs to be a revolution in the way men think about clothes. The old cliche is true: the better you dress, the better you will feel, and more confident you will become.

 Today I'd like to discuss five simple ways that every man can dress better.

 1. Go Classic

Ascot Tie For Sale Gentlemen

The best way for a man to dress well, and save themselves trips to the tailor, is to dress in classic style. The more classical you are able to dress, the more timeless your outfits will be.

Before I buy a piece of clothing, I say to myself, "Is this going to be something that I may wear 10 years from now?"  Not saying that I will actually wear that item for ten years, but I need to make sure the style is classic enough to stand the test of time.

It's true--items like sunglasses, tennis shoes, and jeans are the three most important articles that will morph as styles change throughout the decades, but you want to make sure that your other clothing items are simple and classic.  

Make sure that your clothing could be seen worn by men in the last 50 years and still be fashionable.

 2. Layer


 Depending on the season , one of the biggest benefits that men forget to apply to their clothing is to layer. Layering is a way that you can add a little color and contrast to your outfit and warm yourself in the process.

For instance, in fall or winter, wearing a button up t-shirt can be more enjoyable and warmer if you throw over a nice cashmere sweater.

Another little-known secret that I enjoy about layering my clothes is that it makes you look more muscular!  As a man, it's never bad to look more muscular.  It helps to look a little bit fuller, depending on what you're going for and what your weight loss program is.

Yes, you can even layer in the summer--make sure to insert an ascot tie under that polo shirt.

3. The Shoes

 What's the first thing that people see when they look at you?

It's understood that the first items that people notice when they look at you are your shoes and secondly the top of your head.

This means that your shoes and your hairstyle are probably the two most important clothing articles when it comes to first impressions for a man.

I'm sure you've heard that the shoes make the man. There's a reason they came up with this expression because it's 100% true.  

Wearing nice shoes is the easiest way to dress up a more casual outfit. It's almost as if the shoes are the marker that explains if you're dressed casual or formal.

It's amazing how very nice shoes can change how formal a pair of jeans look. If you wear jeans with holes in them with perfectly shined pointy shoes, odds are you would look classy.

Although I don't recommend this approach. Shoes are a simple way to dress up any outfit. 

4. Stuff your neck

Ascots Stuffed Neck

 In the days of kings and royalty, you'll notice that men stuffed their necks warm with a high quality cloth. Therefore, if you want to look regal, it's important to do what I call "stuffing your neck."

This can be done by wearing an ascot tie, of course. Or you can wear a quality scarf around your neck.

All of this depends on what you're going for, but if you want a regal, king-like approach to your look, you always want to make sure your neck is cozy with either a tie, bow tie, ascot tie, or a nice scarf in winter.

This is something you can rely on if you will look more stately in your appearance.

5. Fit

Ascot Tie For Sale Good Fitting Clothes

This reason is a strong contender for the number one way that men can dress better. I believe that the way a man's close fit him explains how comfortable he is in his own skin, as well as his understanding of dressing well.

More often than not, you will see men who wear over-sized clothes.  This means they are not as comfortable with themselves and do not care about how they appear to others, or they've chosen comfort over style.  What this man doesn't know is that he can have it all: style and comfort.

It is true that larger clothes can be comfortable and relaxing, but there's always something to be said for clothes that fit you well and make you feel comfortable.

My advice to men who are looking for clothes to fit them well: choose clothes that fit slightly smaller than you're used to.

Most men tend to buy clothes that are larger than they need, so it's always a good rule of thumb to choose the shirt that's slightly smaller.

Odds are if you buy smaller than you're used to, the clothes will fit you correctly.

Dress well and be comfortable at the same time.  Feel the confidence that good clothes bring you and share your personality with the world, one ascot tie at a time.

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